> Automotive technology company, digital interfaces for cars

CROSSWIRE is a company headquartered in the United States and in Brazil composed of German engineers, pioneer in the segment of high performance automotive interfaces.

Being part of the market of embedded technologies since 2006, CROSSWIRE is the only active company that self develops and trades products, providing extended warranty and unlimited assistance to its products.

CROSSWIRE own differenced quality solutions not only turned it into a leader, but also boosted its internationalization process.

In 2012, CROSSWIRE, made the bold decision, to expand to strategic commercial centers in South America, North America and Europe from where it broadens its technological expertise, already established in its headquarters.

From now on, when browsing our website, find out why only CROSSWIRE products are able to transport you, an automotive multimedia lover, to a high performance experience through reliable solutions that maintain, without restrictions, the originality of your car.